let me pretend sue’s maiden name is meagle and that she and donna email each other all the time 2 talk about their tiny bosses and hella weird coworkers

Track: Zayn's Riffs Masterpost: Take Me Home


Live While We’re Young (0:00 - 0:33)
Kiss You (0:33 - 1:20)
C'mon C'mon (1:20 - 2:00)
Last First Kiss (2:00 - 2:32)
Rock Me (Live version) (2:32 - 3:20)
I Would (3:20 - 4:13)
Over Again (4:13 - 4:40)
Back For You (4:40 - 5:08)
She’s Not Afraid (5:08 - 5:58)
Loved You First (5:58 - 6:45)
They Don’t Know About Us (6:45 - 8:05) 

Part 2 of 3 

"So, my band’s working on a new album."
"Oh, yeah? What’s it called?"
"April Ludgate… Is The Best Ever. Volume One."
"Shut up."

You don’t know how to disarm it ? You were in the military !
You’ve stolen paintings, doesn’t mean you can draw.

Is this permament?

So far.

Why can’t we do what the hell we like? Men can. They can sleep with women without getting a name for themselves, they can have careers…

YOU have a career.

"Hey, curiosity killed the cat."
"Yeah, well, better that than an STD."


things i want from a relationship:

  • musical theatre duets


Something’s bothering you. And whatever it is, you gotta deal with it.
Yeah, well, maybe I can’t deal with it right now.