"Too often we see female characters pitted against each other for jobs or for men. While the ladies on Brooklyn Nine-Nine are certainly competitive, they do not tear each other down or view each other as rivals. [They] are all wildly different characters, but they come together to support each other as friends and colleagues." (x)

We all have different ways of dealing with our fear.


Same old Sherlock. You look at people and you see puzzles. I see games.
You; you’re a game I’ll win every time.

tv meme: (1/3) seasons - Elementary season one

I’ve sort of always wanted to wear this costume. I’ve not voiced that, obviously. I did realize probably every costume fitting I’ve ever been to even if one is playing a priest or a greengrocer you always, no matter what you’re playing, you kind of scan the rail for a bit of leather. And you think, I wonder if I’m wearing that, and you often aren’t. And you go, that’s fine, but one day I will. And here I am.

– Tom Burke on his costume for The Musketeers

Probably the people that I met—OH GOD, ACTUALLY, HEY. I saw Karen’s film on Thursday, Oculus. It’s really good. You should check it out! It’s scary. It’s good, man. Um—I’d say the people that I’ve met on it, you know.

– Matt Smith answering “What was the most memorable part of being on Doctor Who?” (via mattandkaz)

This is an absolutely.. stunning butter sculpture.

Track: Something in Common
Artist: Free Energy

free energy – something in common

    LA Times: OK, I'm going to use the topic of poet to transition into Rob Lowe. He got quite the attention with his comments that there's a prejudice against attractive people. What did you think of his comments?
    Nick Offerman: Um, well, actually when that came out, I arranged for a 12-piece string quartet to speed over to his house and play an elaborate fugue. I didn't realize what a rough time he was having. I would've been giving him a piggyback ride to set if I knew that things were so tough.