I have never watched a musical live (obviously; this country has no real theatre scene and no one ever comes here and I’ve never been to a country where I could watch one, either) and I’ve never even watched bootlegs because I don’t have the attention span to watch something in lame quality for three hours on my computer, but I LOVE MUSICAL MUSIC SO MUCH. so much. I am always looking for musicals whose music hold their own even without context (some things I’m interested in I read the detailed summaries of somewhere online, but not always), and I’ve collected a bunch that I adore and that I dance my own moves to when I’m walking around listening to my iPod in public.

Anyway this post was brought on by me finally listening to the In the Heights OBCR and loving the fuck out of it.

(Also Life is really, really, really great. but more feelings when I’m done with more of it!!)

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