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favorite underrated lady character (asked by foxsmoulders)
→ Astrid Farnsworth of Fringe

“If there was a Fringe spin-off about your character, what would it be about?” (x)


New fan art for Fringe, inspired by an interview with Jasika Nicole in which she expressed her #1 wish for season 4: Astrid having and firing a gun! (I can’t find the video now, but this interview expresses a similar wish.)
I want this, too! Make it so! It’s been nagging at me since season 2 that we almost never see Astrid out of the lab, let alone in action-action.
In any case, the description for the Astrid-centric episode, Making Angels (Feb 3), sounds really promising. Can’t wait!

Original art available on my blog.




In which the profile page for Tom N(erd) Haverford finally gets a hit, and thus begins our tale of long-distance love.

yes, yes, YES, squintyoureyes, ALL OF THIS!!!!! Astrid is mouthing the “sh” part of SHIT, YEAH.

Astrid is a lifelong computer geek with a B.A. in Music who speaks five languages and bakes up a storm when she’s stressed out. She is also, seemingly — we know very little about her background — the most emotionally intact character on the show. In a contrast to the lead characters, Walter, Peter, and Olivia, whose relationships were, until relatively recently in Season 3, always on the edge of implosion, Astrid’s genius doesn’t get in the way of her ability to interact empathetically with the world. Her sparkling emotional intelligence is a welcome change from Magical Negresses who solve white people’s problems with folksy wisdom and a hug to the bosom. It is rare for the Math/Science Nerd trope to be deployed subtly and it is almost never embodied by a women of color. Astrid is essentially a unicorn. A really, really good-looking unicorn.

-From ‘I went to Quantico for this?’: On Astrid Farnsworth and Black (Queer) Nerddom

On the relentless marginalization of Astrid Farnsworth


…or, the aforementioned Astrid rant.

First off, a question: Is there a regular, as in billed and non-recurring, character on television, supporting or otherwise, who is as marginalized as Astrid Farnsworth? Because I watch a lot of TV folks, and I’m thinking back over all the things I’ve watched, and I got nothing.

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Anyone who says that they don’t giggle like a 5-year-old at those name gags is clearly lying.