And we deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise. (x)

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seriously the best pro-gay marriage campaign promotion ever omfg





Melissa Harris-Perry describes herself as “cis” (via “MSNBC Talks To And About Trans People For An Hour, Doesn’t F*ck It Up” on autostraddle)

I still can’t believe this was on MSNBC.

The entire interview can be seen here. They actually discuss the existence of non binary/genderqueer people & talk about the astounding homelessness rates of trans youth. It was actually the best thing I’ve seen about trans people on cable TV.. ever.

I wish there’d been at least one trans person of color on the panel but it was really wonderful to watch. MHP is the best thing to happen to cable news in a long time.


It’s a time-honored tradition at Navy homecomings – one lucky sailor is chosen to be first off the ship for the long-awaited kiss with a loved one.
Today, for the first time, the happily reunited couple was gay.

The dock landing ship Oak Hill has been gone for nearly three months, training with military allies in Central America.

As the homecoming drew near, the crew and ship’s family readiness group sold $1 raffle tickets for the first kiss. Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta bought 50 - which is actually fewer than many people buy, she said, so she was surprised Monday to find out she’d won.

Her girlfriend of two years, Petty Officer 3rd Class Citlalic Snell, was waiting when she crossed the brow.

They kissed. The crowd cheered. And with that, another vestige of the policy that forced gays to serve in secrecy vanished.

By Corinne Reilly
The Virginian-Pilot
© December 21, 2011 


High School Students Crowned America’s First Lesbian Homecoming Couple

Two California high school students became one of the first lesbian couples crowned homecoming king and queen in the nation this weekend.

Rebeca Arellano, a senior at Patrick Henry High School, was made the school’s first female homecoming king when her name was announced Friday at a pep rally.

“They were chanting my name and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had,” said Arellano.

Arellano’s girlfriend, Haileigh Adams, who also attends Patrick Henry High School, was made homecoming queen at Saturday night’s dance.

“I was happier than when I won, my little Haileigh has just been announced Homecoming queen and I couldn’t feel happier! Thanks to every single one of you! You guys made this happen and we are all part of something huge. I can’t fully express how grateful I am. I am in completely shocked that this happen. My girl looks absolutely flawless,” wrote Arellano on Facebook Saturday night.

The two girls told ABC News that they’re thankful for the abundance of support they’ve received from family, friends, and students and staff at the school.

Arellano said one of her teachers told her, “Today school is a bit better because of you girls.”

Arellano’s Facebook wall is covered with congratulatory notes from her friends.

“Thank you all for allowing this change to happen,” Arellano posted on Facebook.

Adams said they have received negative feedback as well.

“We have a lot of support, but there are also a lot of people who are angry about it,” she said. “Anonymous Patrick Henry students are saying they’re embarrassed and that it’s wrong for a girl to take the spot of king. But there’s no other way for us to run as a couple. It’s not really fair for us not to have the right to run as a couple.”

Arellano posted a statement to those who opposed her on her Facebook wall that read: “For all the girls who think tradition should be continued, go back to the kitchen, stop having sex before you’re married, get out of school and job system, don’t have an opinion, don’t own any property, give up the right to marry who you love, don’t vote, and allow your husband to do whatever he pleases to you. Think about the meaning of tradition when you use it in your argument against us.”

Adams and Arellano both came out their freshman year of high school, and they began dating in February of their sophomore year. They say their parents were supportive both when they came out and when they started dating.

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Since I’m a single officer in the Marine barracks and I’ve got the highest security clearance you can get, I also serve at the White House in close quarters with President Bush and President Obama at social events. Very seldom was the president ever alone, but one time the president had said, ‘Go and get the vice president,’ and all the straphangers went, and the president went in the Blue Room and was just standing there waiting for Biden. And there was no Secret Service around or anything, and I went, ‘Fuck it, I’m going to go and talk to the president about “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” ’ He was looking out south—there’s an incredible view down past the Washington Monument to the Jefferson. And I just stepped in and said, ‘Sir?’ and he turned around and walks to me and I just started: ‘You know, sir, I want to let you know that there are a number of us that work very close to you who appreciate very much what you’re doing on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”—more than you probably realize.’ And he was shaking my hand, he looks up and it’s like… he got it. I said, ‘I want to thank you for this.’ And he goes, ‘No, I want to thank you. Thank you for your service, and thank you for your courage.’

– Marine Corps Officer | Don’t Ask, Don’t TELL (via fujiidom)

“First of all, to say I came out implies that I was once in. Let me be straight about that, no pun intended, I never came out from anywhere. I’ve always lived my life the way I’ve wanted and have been honest with myself and everyone around me … The only frustrating part has been all the media attention. For someone like me who prefers to keep her life as private as possible, it has been disconcerting to have to define so much about myself. I don’t want to be labeled as one thing or another. In the past I’ve had successful relationships with men, and now I’m in this successful relationship with a woman. When it comes to love I am totally open. And I don’t want to be put into a category, as in ‘I’m this’ or ‘I’m that’.”

#why is bisexuality/pansexuality so fucking difficult for people to wrap their minds around

Daniel Radcliffe and friend transgender singer-songwriter Our Lady J

I was so happy when I read the article that this picture accompanied.  I found it while waiting at my therapist’s office. Apparently Daniel caught a lot of flack around rumors that he and Our Lady J were dating.  Instead of doing what 99.9% of straight cisguys in film would do (vehemently defend and try to prove his heterosexuality, denouncing all ties with Our Lady J), Daniel was basically like “whatever. Think what you want.  She’s my friend and she’s awesome.”  Word.  Trans solidarity learning moment.

Gay rights activists: known universally for their awesome signs

Here’s the difference between straight celebrities and queer celebrities:


While leaking pertinent and personal information on about either is skeezy and wrong, there is something supremely fucked up about outing a queer celebrity.*

Outing a person is not the same as fuzzy pictures of last night’s orgy or bad shots of lovers after a date. Outing a person is NOT the same as someone’s secret love child or affairs on set. Outing a famous celebrity is fucked up because not only is coming out a completely personal and sometimes time-sensitive subject, it has a lot to do with safety. Not just physical safety. Mental, emotional—if you can name it, coming out might have some effect on it.

It takes a special kind of jackass to out a celebrity and then try to justify that shit. Not only do you risk the chance of ruining this person’s career (unfortunately), you put them in a dangerous situation. Suddenly their bodies, minds, experiences, and decisions are no longer relevant. They do not have time to adjust to the sudden intrusion and opposition from all sides—how does their agent spin this, how does their manager work with this, how will their family react, what about the project they’re working on? They don’t know their fans—what if one reacts badly? Are they safe? Do they need more security? 

Queer celebrities don’t owe you shit. They don’t owe you their safety, health, or their career. Painting them as hypocrites or liars because they’d rather consider themselves before your time table is fucked up and wrong. I’d be fucking damned if I’d ever surrender my livelihood because some fucktwit with a fucked up sense of Justice and Right decides to tell the whole world things I am not ready to tell myself. 

There is nothing wrong with being in closet, especially when it comes to safety. Queer people deserve time, context, and confidence. They deserve to pick and choose people, places, times—-all that shit. 

(*It should be noted that it’s fucked up to out ANYBODY, but seeing as I’m taking this from the Ellen Page affair, I’m using celebrities.) 

If Heaven exists, what would you like God to say when you arrive at the pearly gates, Mitch (a gay father)?
Those cocksuckers downstairs were wrong. You guys are totally allowed up here.

“There are people who have said that I’m being brave for being openly supportive of gay marriage, gay adoption, basically of gay rights but with all due respect I humbly dissent, i’m not being brave, I’m being a decent human being. And I don’t think I should receive an award for that or for merely stating what I believe to be true, that love is a human experience not a political statement, however, I acknowledge that sadly we live in a world where not everybody feels the same. My family and I will help the good fight continue until that long awaited moment arrives, when our rights are equal and when the political limits on love have been smashed.”