Paul Rudd has been playing one of the longest-running and most demented jokes in late-night TV history on Conan. 

Amy Poehler beamed a giddy smile at her They Came Together co-star, Paul Rudd, while on the flick’s set in Brooklyn, NY on Wednesday.

INTERVIEWER: Amy, there this whole mysterious, fake, secret spin-off…let’s talk about Philly Justice.
AMY POEHLER: Okay, what do you want to know
INTERVIEWER: For the people in the crowd who haven’t heard of Philly Justice…
AMY POEHLER: And that means everyone!
MICHAEL SCHUR: I think we have a picture. This was a pilot that was made in 2003.
AMY POEHLER: Adam loves to scrapbook his…Adam’s a real big scrapbooker and he loves to put his achievements in a scrapbook. He came across that picture, it was a pilot we did in 2003 and what was weird about it, was Rudd didn’t really connect with the producers and was replaced after the pilot with Dylan McDermott.
MICHAEL SCHUR: This has been going on for weeks. This picture was shot four or five weeks ago. These actors, these five people got so into the idea that they had been in a fake show together and that Paul Rudd had been replaced by Dylan McDermott that Adam Scott created a fake e-mail address for Dylan McDermott and started e-mailing everybody about how excited he was to be on the show. Then, Adam would log out of his Dylan McDermott account and log back in as his Adam Scott account and e-mail back to “Dylan McDermott” himself like “Hey, man I’m excited too this is great.” He was writing messages to himself for a long time. And they all have character names and character backstories, and the funniest thing is that Rudd has been on set for the last three weeks shooting our last three episodes and they’ve been teasing him mercilessly about the fact that he was replaced in this fake thing that never happened!
AMY POEHLER: Paul has been sending us stills from the play he’s doing called You Can’t Take It With You.
MICHAEL SCHUR: Oh yeah! Paul Rudd from 2003 is “doing a play” version of You Can’t Take It With You at some crummy theatre in the north valley. His bit is he’s like, “hey totes no hard feelings guys!” but he’s clearly just devastated.
AMY POEHLER: I will say that it’s a really promising show. It’s on after Joan of Arcadia. 

Wet Hot American Summer (2001) vs. Parks and Recreation (2012)



“Since the invention of the kiss, there have only been five kisses that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind.”

Paul Rudd as Westley and Mindy Kaling as Buttercup at tonight’s live reading of “The Princess Bride” as directed by Jason Reitman.

#perfect people doing perfect things

Paul, Adam—you’ve been friends for 20 years. What was it like back in the day? 
AS: We had dinner together with our families last night—our wives are friends, our kids play with each other—but after dinner I was driving back past Paul’s old apartment and laughing about how many times we’d go back there at, like, four in the morning and play music. It was such a shit-hole. But we were happy listening to music so loud and staying up late just so drunk. 
PR: Hammered. 
AS: Air guitaring. 
PR: We’d go out to bars until they closed and then we’d go back to the apartment and just sit around and play music with, like, three or four dudes.

A Conversation Between Best Friends Forever, Adam Scott and Paul Rudd


“I mean, the person in the movie that I’ve known the longest and am closest to is Adam Scott—who I don’t even have that much stuff to do with in the movie. But that guy has been one of my very best friends for 20-odd years.” -Paul Rudd discusses the familial vibe on the set of Our Idiot Brother


people i would love to see guest-star on parks and recreation (as suggested by @spittingfish)

paul rudd {as} ben’s older brother