Pam: You have no idea…
Jim: Don’t do that.
Pam: …what your friendship means to me.
Jim: Come on, I don’t wanna do that. I wanna be more than that.
Pam: I can’t. I’m really sorry if you misinterpreted things. It’s probably my fault.
Jim: Not your fault. I’m sorry I misinterpreted our friendship.

THE OFFICE 2.22 - “Casino Night”

Happy Endings makes me cackle-snort, which means my throat hurts right now because I did it too much this week. :| I still don’t know how to explain why I like this show so much. HOW IS IT SO FUNNY.

AUBREY PLAZA: I will never sleep with you.
KIERAN CULKIN: Oh thank god.
AUBREY: ever.
KIERAN: I would like to note that Aubrey was hitting on me last night.
AUBREY: I was drunk.
KIERAN: She was drunk and -
AUBREY: - and we already discussed it.
KIERAN: - she came up to me and she said “how drunk do you want me to get tonight?” and I said “what?” and she goes “do you wanna get out of here?”
AUBREY: That is a lie.

AUBREY: That’s how you look like in bed?
KIERAN: Yes. And that’s the only way you’ll see it. in the film.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World DVD Commentary

AUBREY PLAZA: I wish he had a mullet in that shot.
AUBREY: In the guitar shot. Just because.
KIERAN: Just because?
AUBREY: ‘cause it’d be funny.
KIERAN: Oh, okay. I like it better this way.
AUBREY: I like you better…this way.
KIERAN: Nice one.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World DVD Commentary



  1. BEN WYATT FUCKING KNOWS WHAT HE WANTS. Look at him: Leslie’s all talking about receipts and shit and he’s like I don’t really give a fuck, COME HERE LET ME PUT MY MOUTH ON YOUR MOUTH. When did he become such a smooth and confident motherfucker? He’s obviously thought about it; he said at dinner he couldn’t take it anymore. He knew what he wanted, and he fucking went and got it. WHEN DID YOU BECOME LIKE THIS, BENJI?? CAN YOU BE LIKE THIS ALWAYS?? 
  2. Throughout this whole thing, he was still conscientious enough to pull back from the kiss and make sure Leslie was okay. And then the beautiful thing… Leslie re-initiates.
  3. I AM RAMBLY. Point is, kiss was hot, but made hotter by the fact that: a. Ben is the sweetest dork ever who (thank god) finally got fed up and grew a pair; b. the entire episode had been a struggle for Leslie between do i do this, can i do this, should i want this and sure, Ben kind of makes that decision for her, but he still pulls back and lets her take the next step; and c. all this shit goes down in like 10 fucking seconds.  

I haven’t looked at my dash in a long time, so sorry if someone’s already talked about this… I JUST STILL HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS AND THOUGHTS TO PROCESS, BUT IT’S HARD OKAY. SORRY TO HAVE TAKEN UP SO MUCH DASH SPACE.

Anonymous said: Doctor Who

(yeah I know, you already talk about it a lot, but I'm asking anyway)
I haven’t talked a lot about this show in a while, anon, so here you go, a lengthier post!

3 favorite relationships:
1. Ten-Donna (I’ve come to realise that more than either character individually, I adored what that series did for the way they interacted and the way they were influenced by each other - it was perfect, and that’s why the end of Journey’s End doesn’t fucking exist thanks)
2. Eleven/River - I wasn’t at all impressed by River’s first episodes with Ten (i.e. I did. not. like her.), but there’s something perfect about the way these characters interact. I think part of it has to do with neither of them knowing more than the other - Eleven knows River will die, and River knows things about Eleven’s future, and that kind of balance really helped the dynamic. There’s something softer and warmer there, too, between all the snapping and one-upping, and that’s fantastic. I can’t wait to see more of it.
3. Eleven-Amy - I just adore watching them interact, agh. I wouldn’t know if I’d call this my favourite, but it’s definitely one of the relationships I’m most interested in. I also have big feelings about the OT3 vibe we got in the last scene of The Big Bang - I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT.

3 favorite characters:
1. Eleventh Doctor - I think there’s still a lot of room for exploration in Eleven, and I realise that that keeps people from loving him completely, but that’s partly why I adore him? There’s something just gorgeous about the way he demonstrates his enthusiasm for the fresh and new and for exploration with this brilliant, heartbreaking age (like he’s seen so much, but knows there’s so much more to see) - it’s fascinating and intriguing and, perhaps because of the way Matt Smith plays him, I know there’s always something simmering beneath the surface, even though we don’t always see that translated into action or words. (And really, Matt Smith became one of my favourite people to watch on TV within a couple of weeks - his face his glorious face, and his body language, and the way you can see him literally feel some of the things he does and thinks - little slouches or face-falls or tightening his lips. Watching him is just thrilling.)
2. River Song - I know it’s ridiculous to put her here already but damn it, I cannot wait to see the way her story unfolds. And she’s badass and she has guns and she can make Eleven stop trying to be cool and everything!
3. Can I nominate all four of the companions so far for this slot? Martha is marvelous and intelligent and deserved far better than the narrative allowed her because hi., she saved the world; Donna was Magnificent and deserved far better than the way she lost everything she’d become (and without a choice) at the end of S4 (and I hated that we saw her again after, because to see how little she’d changed actually made me angry); Amy is brilliant and loud and her story is fascinating; and Rose - Rose is given a lot of hate, but I adored watching her grow and watching her change people while changing herself - and she deserved far better than being used simply as Ten’s Only Romance, to be reused and ruined and flattened like she had been.

3 favorite moments:
2. There are two Ten-Donna moments I really love - one at the end of Midnight (which, for the record, freaked me out more than Blink did), when Ten is exhausted and defeated and has just been robbed of everything he’d loved about this human species, and he just walks up to her and hugs her, and he needed that, and I loved that that’s all they did - just stood there, letting him settle. And the end of Turn Left, when she says, “I’m not special”, or something, and he says, “Yes you are, you’re brilliant" - the affection there is just lovely, and I adored the simplicity of that conversation. Ten was the most adult when he interacted with her, and I loved seeing that side of him.
3. Tiny moment, but the Nine-Jack interaction (/flirting) always made me happy. I generally like seeing Nine’s joy, though.

3 reasons I like/love that fandom: - my definition of fandom has been ‘show!’ not ‘all the fans’, and that helps a lot when it comes to shows like this one. :P
1. I adore this show for how it goes all epic and ridiculous when it comes to huge, huge things, how hard it hits me in the heart when it comes to genuine, human things (the Family of Blood two-parter is still pretty fantastic to me), but also goes all-out when it comes to ridiculous crack with episodes like Tooth and Claw or The Shakespearean Code - Doctor Who has an insane awareness of itself and what it can and cannot do, because it knows how to make me laugh and tear up and think, and the way they balance that out is what makes it one of my favourite shows of all time.
2. I love all the characters we’ve had the chance to spend more than one episode with, I think - they’re vibrant and all different and watching the way they interact with the Doctor and with the situations they’re put in is always part of the joy of this show for me.
3. Watching this show makes me happy. The optimistic note The Big Bang ended on made me even happier. It also makes me happy that I know how far away I should stay away from this ridiculous fandom.

Anonymous said: You're only allowed to watch one of your TV shows from now on. You can't watch new episodes, reruns, or anything downloaded or on dvd unless it's from your ONE show. Which show do you keep and why?

Had to think about this for a while - I wanted to get a show that had a decent amount of episodes already, which meant my current favourites (Parks and Recreation and Fringe) don’t qualify - my love for them is at least partly in expectation of what I expect to see from them; I’m excited to know where they’ll go and how they’ll get there, except I can’t be sure about them yet. (If you asked me this question at least a year from now, it’s much more likely that one of these two would be my answer.)

The problem is I couldn’t choose many of the long-running shows I know - I haven’t completed Buffy, I haven’t watched The West Wing properly beyond Sorkin. Friends was the first big show I got into and there are ten seasons of that, but I love maybe four of them? I adore the first three seasons of The Office and I still find it extremely watchable/enjoyable, but I hesitate about watching it and getting really mediocre episodes (I actually can’t get through Scott’s Tots, I think it’s awful) between the surprising gems (e.g. Classy Christmas this season).

I call Firefly one of my favourite shows of all time but it’s over and it lasted 14 episodes (and there are things about it that are so flawed); I find something new every time I watch Spaced but it’s also only 12 episodes long. Many of the other shows I watch, I like a lot, but don’t have that much passion for.

So I’d choose Doctor Who. I have issues with Ten but loved him anyway, loved Nine, really adore Eleven, and I’m ecstatic about getting to watch more of him and of the ‘verse we’ve constructed around him so far (his interactions with River and Amy especially) - I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. Plus if I wanted to watch something from it I have eight other Doctors to choose from (which may be cheating, but hey!) - I’ve only watched a little of Two, Four, Five, and Seven, but I really loved the little I’ve seen.

And really, I don’t think people realise just how wonderful a blend of genres and ideas Doctor Who is - it’s a little cracky and crazy, it’s funny, it’s fascinating, but never shies away from some melodrama or sap, and I love that. It’s part of its charm! I can’t think of many shows that enjoy letting (or making, in RTD’s case) the audience feel like that. That appeals to the sentimental sap in me.

Sorry for how long this is, anon! Asking me for reasons for an answer is pretty much the same as asking for a mini-essay.