The Mindy Project Deleted Scene from ‘Bro Club for Dudes’

Sex dreams and stuff guys….

Anonymous said: "low-key garbage"?? :o what do you mean by that? not mad, just curious lol

TMP just leans into the douchey frat-bro side of fat jokes and race jokes too often and too heavily for my liking. On top of that, I don’t like how little ensemble work there is and how that little ensemble work is of totally varying quality, and the fact that any non-Mindy or Danny storylines tend to be given to Morgan or to new-guy Peter, and that the women who aren’t Mindy don’t get much to do at all. And I don’t know what to do with Tamra?? Adding one woman of colour and making her a flat character with 2-3 stereotypical lines an episode?? 

Obviously I’ve decided for myself that the things I love about this show are good and unique enough for me to keep watching, and it occupies a space in my TV-watching heart, but you know. I have accepted the on-off annoyance I feel as part and parcel of my TMP viewing experience. It’s why I don’t recommend this show to most people unless they know what they’re in for, and it’s why I only talk about this show with people who are in the exact same boat I am re: its many issues. - I fucking love Mindy/Danny, and I love Mindy Lahiri to weird, ridiculous amounts, but god I wish this show did better on the other fronts for me to throw my heart into it fully. 


Danny and Mindy: Landmarks

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