The simple truth is I don’t need you. I’m finished with drugs, I won’t be using them again. My advice? Take a six week holiday. I promise I won’t tell papa.


happy mother’s day tumblr!!! :”) have some bei fongs because there was no way i wasnt going to draw mama toph and little lin ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are dancing to Shakira at The Amazing Spiderman premiere in Madrid, Spain.

You were the only audience I ever needed. 


Come on, Kalinda. What do you care?

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So much to love about this scene. There’s the heartbreaking sparseness of Kalinda’s apartment, even BEFORE she started packing. Barely any furniture, even fewer knick-knacks, a carafe of some kind of liquor on the sink, that’s it. Hardly anything personal at all. She keeps more inside the walls than on them. She’s ready to dash on a moments’ notice at all times. Which fills me with sadness! But then, just as she’s itching to run and shed her life like an old skin, again, she finds out this guy has been contacting Alicia, and suddenly she can’t run, because Alicia is the only person in the world who means more to Kalinda than her own self-preservation. So instead she parks herself in front of the door to wait and face something she’s been running from for who knows how long.

she is so in love ;__;